October 2, 2020 Re:  Covid-19 update (4)


Dear tenants,

We are now upon our Fall and soon Winter season and our government has imposed stricter rules in order to manage the Covid-19 Virus.

We must all do our part and respect the demands and recommendations of health officials and our priority is the safety and health of all.   

Our employees will be continuing to work hard to keep the premises clean, but we ask all occupants to do the same.    We also ask that you inform the superintendent or the office by e mail or call at 514 697 3866 to advise us if someone is sick before we enter to do any repairs in a unit.  We will continue to do essential repairs but we must limit the interaction with all.

We ask that when we work in your apartment, you remain away from our employees, stay in another room, and make sure the premises to be worked at have been disinfected and is clean before we enter your apartment.

It is also important for all to WEAR MASKS when you walk around the property in common areas.  ie: elevators, corridors, garage, laundry room, etc.

Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.


The Administration. 




March 26, 2020


Dear Tenants,


Propriétés Bella Vita Inc. is committed to providing continued services to all tenants and provides a safe home for residents.  Likewise, we have to assure a safe working environment for our staff.  As such, in conformity with government agencies, we are practicing social distancing which includes having the least amount of contact with your superintendent, as possible.  We encourage you to reach out to him/her by telephone or contact the office by e-mail at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for urgent issues only.

We also encourage all tenants to provide your contact information to either the superintendent, by leaving a note at or under their apartment door or send it by e-mail to the office.  This will assure we have the latest co-ordinates of each one, in the event we need to contact you. 

We would also remind all to pay their rent by cheque, if not already done, by leaving it in the mailbox at the superintendent’s residence.    We would like to remind all that the rent payment is due despite the confusion the media has created on the matter.  In the event you have any questions on the topic, we welcome you to contact the office to discuss this matter further.

We thank you for your co-operation and request that everyone remain respectful and calm under the circumstances. 

We wish you all good health and our thoughts are with you and your families.


Property Management.


Lachine and Cloverdale



March 19, 2020


Dear Tenants

The current environment with Covid-19 Virus is unprecedented and we are all recommended to follow the plan of health and government officials.

We will make every effort to service all needs at the properties, but kindly note that in the event you are sick, we ask that you notify the office so we manage the situation accordingly, if service is required at your apartment.   It’s important we don’t expose our employees and ourselves to any environment that is not safe.   During this pandemic period, only essential work, we deem necessary will be serviced.


Rent payment and service calls.  

In an effort to limit contact we ask that tenants provide post dated cheques for the rent payment and telephone us or e-mail the office for any service needs.  


The less contact possible between our employees and yourselves will be essential in servicing the apartments, during the pandemic period.  

Effective immediately, the Superintendent will no longer collect rent that is paid in CASH.   We never encourage payment by cash, but with the current situation, NO Cash will be allowed. 


To assist tenants who do not have cheques, we ask that you visit a bank with your rent cash payment and convert it to a bank draft order payable to Proprieties Bella Vita Inc.   

In an effort to assist you with this extra cost, the landlord will reimburse a tenant who provides a receipt for the cost of the bank draft.  Copy of receipt will be required to request a reimbursement. 

We thank you for your co-operation and understanding.


The Administration.